Real estate strategies for real estate agents: Is the “open house” the best marketing strategy for soliciting savvy buyers?

Published in Nov 18, 2018 by Gary Silber

Real estate strategies for real estate agents:  Is the “open house” the best marketing strategy for soliciting savvy buyers?


‘Who’ is marketing

When driving around on the weekends, it is common to see numerous open house signs. A decade ago, real estate suffered during the last global financial crises. During this time, the panic of selling real estate was clearly visible and finding buyers were just out of the question. Desperate times lead to desperate marketing strategies. Many homeowners were just out of luck; they ruined their credit and many lost his or her home to foreclosure.

Those marketing strategies still exist. Hence, so does the mental connection of the beginning of another possible financial collapse. For this reason, buyers are looking for trust more than ever.

Today, you see new marketing strategies by brand companies such as AT&T, T-Mobile, UPS Store and even brewery establishments. Pinpointing, exactly, you see a decorated person on a major intersection swaying from side to side a one-way arrow towards where to turn. Has these fortune companies re-invented themselves to a new marketing technique? What audience are they targeting? The answer: buyers of $10 to $50 a month commodities.

‘What’ is strategy

According to Webster’s Dictionary, one definition of the word strategy is “a careful plan or method.” When it comes to marketing strategies for real estate agents, a careful plan or method is expected for such a commodity of high value. Buyers and sellers expect the highest strategic plan possible given to their properties. After all, everyone knows realtors must abide by a code of ethics in their profession.

Therefore, one could ask, do cheap open house signs attached to colorful balloons merit? Or, swaying street signs towards a Sunday open house?

Different markets require different strategies. As of this writing, the national average home price is around $225,00 dollars. This market of high value commodities requires a value added proposition of equal to or higher value.

‘Where’ is value

A strategic looking website is a value added proposition. When connections resolve to luck and open house signs, it’s time to go back to basics. Web branding with marketing strategies for real estate agents is just the beginning. How well does your brand reflect in your real estate website? And can you share that brand to authentic yourself with the customer? These are important questions a customer may ask, or you as a realtor should ask yourself.

The value belongs where integrity and loyalty belongs. Much too often, realtors become busy and not as efficient or productive as they long for. Giving your customers sharing access to your website puts your brand on every property within your MLS region. Creating this type of connection brings value back to where it belongs: with your customers trust.


Simply stated, the PANDA team is dedicated and committed to your getting back to basics.

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