What should your customers look for when choosing a Realtor?

Published in Nov 11, 2018 by Gary Silber

What should your customers look for when choosing a Realtor?


First Impressions

Just like in an interview, first impressions can quickly mold you into a certain image in the mind of the interviewer. That first impressionable image is different for everyone based on his or her life experiences, culture and environment.  Your idiosyncrasies and character seamlessly formulate in the interviewer’s mind – initially stereotyping you.

While most people unintentionally allow for such perceptions, one can say it happens in a very automatic way. To this end, as a Realtor in Miami, Realtor in Los Angeles or a Relator in Manhattan, different environments adjust the way a realtor would display their image to potential buyers of real estate. A new or professional Realtor has to consider ways to adjust his or her brand according to their audience; namely, the specific real estate customer.

To add complexity to this, Realtors also know that their environments change over time. In a world where change is constant, keeping up with your image can be time consuming and expensive. Realtors of the best real estate websites are always ahead of change and are true leaders in their respective areas of specialization.


Realtor Soft Skills 

It is not uncommon for customers to review your real estate website prior to meeting with you. Even after they meet with you, most will circle back to review your website as confirmation to fine-tune and further resonate with who you claim to be. This happens with Facebook and LinkedIn profiles quite often, and your real estate website is no exception. Your personal attributes must connect with the brand on your real estate website. If your website is not harmonious and effective in fit, form and function, your customers will portray a different image of you rather quickly.

Most Realtors demonstrate excellent listening and communication skills; however, their websites mimic a lack of structure. This conflict can lead to confusion with savvy customers. Conversely, some realtors lack the “gift of gab” and rely solely on their real estate website to offset their soft skills. Effectively communicating your soft skills from a stand of being well organized on your website will bring added value to you as a Realtor. 


Realtor hard skills

A professional Realtor is defined by his or her abilities to search for properties, but not limited to, based on clearly understanding his or her customer’s requests. Having a well-defined real estate website customized to you, your image, and your strengths is one example of what an IDX real estate website will give you.

Realtors are also measured by their ability to follow up, pay attention to details, and market knowledge in real time. PANDA IDX offers all realtors their own and unique image. PANDA IDX offers the ability to modify your own real estate website to your own personal touch, at little to no expense. Realtors of the best real estate websites mimic their hard skills with their websites, and you can to with PANDA IDX..

Most importantly, PANDA IDX communicates to your customers in a way that says, “I, the Realtor, have thought of all your wants and needs in a very transparent and authentic way.” Your customers are expecting the highest standards. After all, your customers are partnering with you as his or her realtor in one of the most important decisions of his or her financial life.

Last Impressions

Realtors constantly need to keep up with instilling their image in a cost effective way. Once you become a member with PANDA IDX, you can adjust, modify, and elevate your site the way you want it.

Branding your image is crucial in maintaining a loyal client base, as well as separating yourself from others. Any change or miss-direction will lead them to double take on your real estate website for assurance, or worst – find another Realtor. Forward thinking Realtors preclude this miss-direction by having a real estate website that truly identifies their services, their specialties, and why your customers choose you and stay with you for the long term.

As a Realtor, If your soft skills, or hard skills are not communicated in your website clearly, chances are your customers will also feel the miss-alignment with who you are and with what your brand is really about when they meet you.

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