What are the most value-added features of a real estate website?

Published in Dec 24, 2018 by Gary Silber

What are the most value-added features of a real estate website?

The best real estate websites aren’t just about fancy design. Instead, they deliver a superb browsing experience and promote an agent’s expertise with content their target clients are demanding. Here are just a few of the important real estate website features to consider.

IDX Property Search

While your real estate website probably won’t be the first place consumers go to look for properties, it’s crucial that you have the most accurate and current listings available to search. A strong IDX website ensures that your audience can browse your listings in a modern, user-friendly experience.

IDX Responsive Design

Most everyone today surfs the web using their mobile devices; therefore, it’s imperative that your IDX real estate website is mobile friendly. A website site built with a quick and responsive design looks great on any screen or device, ensuring that all of your website visitors have a great user experience. Every PANDA IDX website built is responsive with a strong platform to back it up.  This translates into assisting you connect with prospective clients wherever they are: Miami, New York or Los Angles.

High-Definition Images & well thought out Content

As Androids (smartphones) and computer savvy manufacturers race to pack the most pixels into their visual screens, it’s crucial that your IDX website images look great. First impressions are everything. If the images on your homepage are unclear, or overly generic, your audience could come away with a negative impression of your brand, or your identity. Moreover, blog pages with little to no content will leave your real estate audience unimpressed.

Lead & your Contact Info

A real estate website won’t do you much good if you don’t make it easy for prospective customers can’t contact you. The best real estate websites for realtors have contact details and lead capture forms on every page. At PANDA IDX, your audience can quickly contact you.New Construction and Property announcementsDepending on your location, some realtors like to show whats new in the local markets. PANDA IDX has a very nice feature for adding and showing select properties to your clients. This gives you, the realtor, the edge in demonstrating your knowledge in the market and becoming an expert at it. Look like and become an expert in these new developments so when buyer shop you will be displayed as the go to person.

In Summary

It’s vitally important that potential buyers can learn about whom you are and what you do – quickly and efficiently.  Offering real estate content with unique and valuable information about your area, consumers have a better chance to discover you first and will come to rely on you as a local real estate expert.

PANDA IDX for realtors offer the ability to easily build. update and optimize an effective online presene for your real estate business. Not only will it boost your brand, it promotes your experise, increases site traffic, and differentiates your uniqueness.

Whether your looking for a new real estate provider, or just starting out as a new realtor, or even a seasoned realtor seeking to take it up a notch, PANDA IDX will get you up and running in a matter of minutes. All upgrades are automatcally given to you every month. Don't delay, register today: www.PandaIDX.com


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