Here is Why All Realtors Need an IDX Website

Published in Feb 25, 2019 by Gary Silber

Here is Why All Realtors Need an IDX Website

At Panda IDX, we sympathize with realtors whom are bombarded with IDX real estate companies pitching their real estate website services. It can be overwhelming as to which one to pick. As a realtor, you want a website that will bring you results. When choosing a real estate website does your website need or not need IDX.

With an IDX website you keep your buyers informed all in one location. Your Panda IDX site provides for a full property search and a quick way for your client to follow up with you. Whether you’re a millennial, or a baby boomer, the functions of the site are easy to understand. Moreover, you have the ability to customize your website with the ease of your own admin panel.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

IDX property searches will display properties in real time, usually updated in an hour or two. This means your clients will have the properties from the Multiple Listing Services displayed on your site in beautiful color.  Should your client wish to browse your site further, he or she will have the ability to read your blog articles and learn more about industry trends.

Conversely, you can engage new clients by reaching them with your blog articles. These articles take the potential client directly to your IDX real estate website. Once there, the opportunity to capture new clients and learn more about your brand is readily available.

Furthermore, with Panda IDX, your SEO exposure increases as you have control to write articles with your own key words to attract certain clients. Over some time, your presence on Google increases as so will the possibility of your own business growth. You can even put the articles in categories you make up and decide on. This strengthens your search optimization of your IDX real estate website.

All around better customer experience

Your clients have the ability to select their favorite properties and send them to you highlighting potential purchasing interest. Whether your clients are from New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles, the common theme will elude your knowledge of the market is superior based on the thought considerations of a well-presented website. Your clients can navigate your site just as easy as you the realtor can.

Customers who search on Google, for example, usually type in key words based on their immediate needs. Being able to write articles ahead of these needs aligns you the realtor to capture this search. So, whether you are an expert in a small town or an ultra large city, you get an equal opportunity to position your real estate footprint in the market.

You get to write the article and place it into your own site with ease and imagination. Over time, analytics will assist you in how well your articles are written, and how best to tweak your writing to precisely penetrate your client base.

Lead generation

With a Panda IDX website, you can increase your database of leads your way. Clients will have the ability to interact with you directly, or semi indirectly through emails, WhatsApp, or Facebook, by way of examples. As each of us holds our own cleaver ways to close deals, a backlog of client interest is always in the background waiting for you nurture and bring forward in the closing process.


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