Baby Boomers and Real Estate

Published in Mar 18, 2019 by Gary Silber

Baby Boomers and Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, many questions can occur. Even adults who have bought multiple properties before, some individual will still wonder if he or she is finding the right listings. It is crucial for any realtor to consider the possibility that the baby boomer real estate demographic needs just has much support compared with any other age-range. At Panda IDX, we want to inform realtors about the effectiveness of our platform. Our custom IDX websites can be used to attracted experienced adult buyers.

When a baby boomer is looking to buy another or new property, he or she might still use personal realtors and ones from popular real estate websites. However, this might not result in the baby boomer getting the best listings through these mediums. That is why it is time for realtors to utilizes our custom IDX services to brand themselves and show-off real time listings to experience property buyers.


How Panda Will Engage in Experienced Property Buyers


Some adult individuals might have just bought one home or multiple homes throughout his or her life. However, this does not mean that individual has found the best deal, realtor, or location of the property. It is important for a realtor to notice that even experienced buyers  might not be really experienced – they just have bought multiple properties. There is a need for the baby boomer demographic to have well informed and loyal realtors at his or her finger-tips. When an adult sees a realtor’s custom IDX website, he or she will immediately develop a sense of trust with the realtor’s business because the realtor has established his or her biography and client base with other people.


When a realtor joins Panda, he or she will have access to high-class IDX technology that will provide real time market and off-market listings. This will provide an advantage for the realtor to present to his or her clients. When a client sees all the possible listings at once from his or her loyal realtor, the client will have a sense of trust established in continuing business with said realtor. Having the Panda IDX platform at a realtor’s access, the realtor will have a higher probability of securing more experienced buyers into his or her client base.


How Panda can Help Maintain Baby Boomer Clients


Having a custom IDX website enables a realtor to integrate his or her social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to inform the realtor’s followers about new listings. This allows the realtor to directly communicate to other people and their clients about updates in different areas that the realtor is doing business in. Having a realtor who is keeping their followers up-to-date on listings will help maintain business with clients.


Communication is key in any type of scenario. Frequently contacting existing property buyers will improve the buying time for the client because less confusion is produced. Adult clients enjoy when a realtor is constantly making sure his or her client is comfortable with the listings provided. Feel free to guide your client when viewing properties by asking more questions than usual. This will make the client feel more important and that you care about finding the best property for your client.


When a potential client discovers a realtor’s custom IDX website, the client will clearly notice the branding of the realtor. This will present high level of credibility to the viewer that the realtor is unique and professional in doing business. Another factor that Panda offers that will help maintain baby boomers, is our overall website presentation for the realtor to use. We offer high-quality images of each listing the realtor wants to present on their website. Having ultra-clear images can help show a potential client the true nature a listing before visiting the property.


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