Best Realtor Websites

Published in Oct 10, 2018 by Miguel Angel Peralta

Best Realtor Websites

Stand out from the rest that do the same thing you do

Have you wonder what are the best realtor websites? One of the first things sellers and prospect buyers are interested in is your website. Because this way they can learn more about you and most of all your Real Estate Services. First of all, what makes your real estate website the best?

What do you do when you meet with prospect sellers to list their property? Yes, you show them your website where you can feature their home or condo.

Have you been showing properties to a possible buyer and than they ask you: “What other properties are for sale in the same area or community?” In both cases you realize the importance of a real estate website with IDX property search capabilities.

No matter what kind of business or industry you are in these days – if you don’t have a website you won’t make it. When you introduce yourself as a real estate professional, it is important to hand a business card that has your web address on it. It simply creates trust and credibility.

Everybody from brokerage firms to agents need to have their own real estate websites. This is a browsing window for targeted clients who want to sell or buy real property.

All Realtor websites must have elements.

  • Real Time MLS Listings
  • Easy to Manage Admin Panel
  • IDX Integration Property Search Capabilities
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Mobile Responsive

Aside from these most noteworthy elements, it is essential that real estate websites have a minimalistic design. That is able to catch your prospect’s attention. Besides the visual aspect, the best realtor websites focus on “functionality” and navigation factors.

If a very good looking website is difficult to navigate it will make the visitors leave your site and click on the next link. So you have about 7 seconds to make a great first impression. Needless to say, the harmonious design and the functionality go hand to hand.

The best IDX system makes the best realtor websites

The best realtor websites have IDX integration which is especially relevant to the property search factor. Users visit your IDX real estate website for only one reason, to search for all kinds of properties. So it is quite natural that they will stay on your site therefore for the ease of finding properties. There are filters for narrowing down the search criteria which furthermore allows for the list of all the properties that are listed.

These filters should include the following choices:

  • Search by location (County, City, address, & Zip Code)
  • Search by Condo Name or Subdivision
  • Type of property (Condo / TownHome, Single Family, Commercial, Rental)
  • Search the Price Range
  • Number of Bedrooms and Baths
  • Any other specific criteria your potential clients will be looking for.

Another crucial functionality to remember moreover is to have a well designed and informative contact page. The sole purpose of having a real estate website is to convert those visitors into leads and eventually into clients. So make sure your contact page has more fields for “name, number and subject” as well, asks more questions like “Type of property they are looking for, Price Range, Areas, etc”.

The Best realtor websites – Testimonials

Why do we highlight this as a very important area within your real estate site? Because this is a place for your clients opinions about your services. Through these testimonials you create the credibility that is needed for other to want to do business with you.

Best Realtor Websites

PANDA IDX understands the importance of technology integration in the world of real estate. They are a very professional agency who are dedicated to helping real estate professionals enhance their visibility via PANDA IDX Real Estate websites and other promotional avenues. I highly recommend them for their artistic understanding and promotion.

SEO Creative Real Estate Websites Miami

Finally, now comes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means the positioning of your real estate website in the search engines. This process will require a considerable amount of time and skills. Either from your own efforts or the people helping you with your SEO.

Your positioning on Google or any other search engine will be based on your efforts. The time you spend during a day, a week or a month will determine how high you rank. It is very important to understand that the web developer has nothing to do with the success or better ranking of your site. It is like buying a car and expecting the car to run without gas. We at PANDA IDX invite you to check out of services, welcome!

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