What does a Real Estate Website with IDX provide? Good question, Let’s ask a Realtor.

Published in Oct 30, 2018 by Gary Silber

What does a Real Estate Website with IDX provide? Good question, Let’s ask a Realtor.

Website Design

In recent years, realtors have engaged more with web designers in exploring new web designs to capture the ever-changing world of real estate. We, PANDA’s “think tank” set out to ask key questions of what a realtor may want and need in relation to design, content, functionality and sales branding.

First, several inquires were made as to design. When we, PANDA IDX, engaged in the realtors mindset it was obvious that uniqueness was foremost. A little tweak of color, a twist of design placement or a taste of combining the two became relavant during the web designers’ process of design.

We listened carefully and established that no two realtors are alike.  Consequently, PANDA IDX websites for realtors inherently offers ‘by default’ the ability to distinguish you from the competition in a variety of ways during the sign up process. For example, you may offer a unique logo, a unique thumbnail image or a unique background image. Another example, you may want to offer ‘your listings’ or ‘new developments,’ just to name a few. 

Website Content

Another way that we, PANDA IDX, constructed our websites for workability and flexibility is through content. Rather than have a ‘cookie cutter’ wording from your brokers organization, you -as an independent realtor- now have the option of displaying customization via pictures and brand identity. Conversely, a broker’s organization can have the ‘cookie cutter’ wording for their real estate organization thru “Meet the Team” as well offer the ability to display custom content for each team member.

When displaying content, it is important to be sure that ‘content’ is in the right location – attracting the customers to engage and learn about you quickly and transparently – rather than distracting. Many hours of forethought have been put into the courtesy of  ‘content’ on a PANDA website for your benefit.

A customer will, subconsciously ask, why should I use your real estate services. Or an existing customer may ask, why should I continue using your services: perhaps there is a better realtor out there.  You, as a realtor, can change content over time, to adjust to seasonal clients, or professional clients alike. You, as a realtor, can make these changes on your ‘Virtual Office Dashboard’ without the need to pay for content change with your web designer.

Website Functionality

A website for realtors needs to offer more than just a web presence. Imagine, having a website with a built in property search. Imagine no further, PANDA IDX offers this functionality!! Even more than that, property searches with real time (updates every 2 hours) listings are displayed with a pleasant and easy to use interface. All pictures are in high quality definition. All details about the property are what you would expect to see in a property search only platform i.e., Realtor.com. With PANDA IDX you get both, but not limited to, a beautiful website and a built in easy to use property search. 

Website Sales Branding

We asked realtors about how they would like to brand themselves. The most common responses were:

  •           Look and feel Professional
  •           Display Honesty and Integrity
  •       Capture Clients Loyalty and Trust

Here again, we listened carefully and built these features into PANDA IDX for you. You, as a realtor, are now the face on every property, literally. Your image will be mirrored with every property your clients review whilst on your website.

Your PANDA website will be your expression of you and will be felt by your customers when they engage with you (an extension of you and your brand identity). This keen alignment will put you in front of the competition by the final expression of “This is who I am, and this is what you can count on.” Your PANDA IDX website for realtors uniquely displays you in any brand you choose thru your virtual office dashboard.


We, PANDA’s “think tank” are a team of diverse real estate proffesionls whom have first hand experience in the field. We have taken this experience, along with the experience of our members, affiliates, associates and colleagues to commingle and develop www.PandIDX.com

Your free demo awaits you, check it out today.

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