IDX Integration


IDX integration is one of the hardest things to code and manipulate, therefore not many developers understand the complexity of it. Once the database is integrated on a real estate website, (or as a stand-alone application), we get as a result a beautiful real estate tool while having fun searching for properties.

IDX is an acronym that stands for Internet Data Extraction. The IDX process means to extract the listings form your MLS board as raw data and display it in any way you like. The database integration needs to be accompanied by a great designed, consequently giving your visitors a good user experience.

The IDX integration can be managed and display in many different ways and there’s no limit to what you can do. Make sure you have the right team by your side like CREW MIAMI. They are experts in web design and IDX integration because they know IDX technology like no one in FL.

The geniuses at PANDA can display the IDX integration as a stand-alone application like this: As you can tell in the example, the IDX application even has the look and feel of a real estate website. The purpose of IDX integration is to showcase real estate listings in a user friendly way for your prospect clients. Your visitors should be able to do a property search just the way you do it as a realtor. Hence making them feel that they are participating in their own buying process.


Companies price IDX integration differently and it depends on your personal needs and wants. There are many IDX solutions out there. Every solution offers their predesign templates and IDX plugins, but to determine which one is right for you, you have to research different ones to find the one that closer to what you are looking for.

PANDA IDX integration is a great application that showcases the MLS listings in a beautiful design. Our unique IDX makes the property search easy and fun. But most importantly, you’ll find thousands or amazing deals in almost real time. Our IDX integration is 100% accurate and we take pride on updating the MLS listings every two hours.

MLS listings can be display in several ways. The developers at PANDA IDX can customize the integration with your suggestions as long as they are innovative ideas. We have accomplished a unique manner to also do our IDX integration as a stand-alone application. Realtors no longer have to pay thousands of dollars for a real estate websites. We can now install a turnkey real estate website and brand it for you in minutes.

Finally, I must say that we as a company, are raising the bar in real estate technology as a result of listening to what the agents’ want and need. Realtors are ready to step up their game and we can proudly say that we can provide a real tool especially relevant to their practice.

To learn more on how our IDX integration works go to:

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Miguel Peralta
Founder & CEO


IDX Integration

MLS Listings Displayed on a Grid List and on the Map


IDX Integration

MLS Listing Detailed Page

Websites for realtors


Websites for Realtors for IDX as main marketing tools.

We live in a very competitive real estate market in Miami, and this is true in most in the major cities around the nation. Having the necessary tools is imperative because it keeps you competitive, but also because it keeps you in business.

I believe that websites for realtors are definitely the main tool you need to consider as number one. I know many agents that due to their lack of technological understanding, they consider websites for realtors as an obsolete way to get new clients. Whether you are a new realtor or a seasoned agent, the implementation of a real estate website will make you look more professional, and will also give you clients that you will never be able to reach all over the world.

I can tell you that websites for realtors can be expensive, time consuming and maybe even frustrating if you don’t know how to maintain it. However, if you meet with different web developers, you will learn to make the best educated decision before owning one. Most importantly, using web developers that specialized in websites for realtors is by far the way to go. Check out, they truly understand the real estate industry, and most importantly, they created their company based on real solutions for realtors.

The importance of websites for realtors with IDX Solutions

A real estate website is not all you will need to keep your prospective clients navigating in your site. You also need the integration of an IDX solution on your page to make it interactive. An IDX solution is the heart and soul of websites for realtors, thus making your site interactive and updated with the MLS listings in real time.

Remember to always compare both, websites for realtors and different IDX solutions before you commit to one company. These tools are definitely not for every agent. Realtors who integrate these tools in their daily practice are realtors that usually do real estate for a living. It is their full time job and they make it a career rather than a second job.

Also, I want to mention the fact that all IDX solutions work in the same manner. These solutions can be implemented in a real estate website with a code pasted on a page as an iframe. These applications display nicely on your website and your clients can do a search plus look at the details of any property listed in the MLS.

Now here is a little commercial. PANDA IDX is a solution that can be install as an iframe in a real estate website or as a stand-alone application. PANDA IDX can be installed independently on any personalized domain you want.

Websites for Realtors and Domain implementation

The IDX integration on a domain is exclusive for PANDA IDX and it can be install in a few minutes. Our websites for realtors give you the ability to showcase the MLS listings, and also display your exclusive off market listings too.

PANDA IDX also displays specific searches by area or by city. We are proud to give you the easiest way to navigate and search for properties in the MLS. Our developers are always improving the search experience and adding more functionality as long as it keeps the website simple.

We invite you to try our property search and see for yourself how easy it is to use. Rather than paying right away, we will let you use it for 30 days and enjoy it for free with no commitment. Use our promo code “LOVEFREE” when you register and search away.

Simply go to: and look at our demo.

Enjoy the experience and send us an email at Feel free to contact us if you believe we can improve or add anything to the application. We appreciate and welcome all realtors’ ideas.



Miguel Peralta
Founder & Sales Director.



Miami is an ever evolving market that continues to change based on the demand for inventory. Residential sales will continue to go through ups and downs, but the real estate industry will remain as the main source of revenue for Miami. The Miami market trends still continue to shape the future of South Florida.

The commercial real estate industry is also moving in directions no one saw coming 10 years ago. Major tech companies, financial institutions and international corporations are making Miami their main hub for operations and development.

Today, most commercial real estate agents are not listing their inventory in the MLS system. Agents rather keep them as “off market listings” for several reasons such as: capturing the buyer, keep the negotiation simple and with less parties involved, but most importantly to make bigger commissions.

Why “Off Market Listings” as a listing tool.

Our exclusive “Off Market Listings” gives our members the ability to upload their properties in a simple and easy way. The members will be able to showcase their listings and allow their visitors to view them with a password-protected code. The realtor will provide access to their prospects to visit the “Off Market Listings” page and make sure the info is always secure.

In addition, the “Off Market Listings” offer the ability to print the property description on a PDF format. This format will allow the client to view the details in well design an organize template. Our members will also be able to share their “Off Market Listings” on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, the “Off Market Listings” will be available in different languages like Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. The latest language we have added is Chinese since it is a new emerging market in Miami.

Finally, the off market listings will give our members and advantage in the industry. Agents will be able to show their clients their ability to display the properties in a secure environment. Online presence will continue to be the most powerful real estate tool for agents. PANDA IDX is committed to provide the tools for realtors to make their practice more productive and effective.

The “Off Market Listings” section will be released on February 1st, 2017 and a release email will be sent to all PANDA IDX members.

For more information and screen shots to preview the “Off Market Listings” functionality, please send us an email to

We look forward to your feedback and recommendations.

The PANDA Team.



Choosing IDX Realtor Websites is not an easy task. There are hundreds of IDX providers out there that focus their efforts on creating a standard IDX system that fits all real estate markets. Instead these companies should focus their efforts on what’s most important “YOU”.

The “IDX – Internet Data Extraction” real estate web industry keeps growing constantly making it more difficult to choose a company you can “trust”. As a real estate professional, it is important to be aware of the difference between an IDX service provider, and a company that cares for ” you”and wants to add value to your business. 

Real estate agents want to create a memorable online presence at the lowest cost. Unfortunately “unless you’re an expert”, you are at the mercy of web developers and designers. Many agents pay for expensive IDX websites-services and still don’t achieve the results they expect”myself included”. I recently ran into PANDA, what I call “A no evil IDX provider”. PANDA IDX provides turn key Websites for realtors. They have been evolving over the past few years, and have launched their lates product “PANDA Web App”. IDX Realtor Websites features:

  • Professional looking website with IDX search integrated
  • A great variety of tools to showcase your personal and office listings
  • Off market listing section
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Your own URL
  • Custom search pages
  • WordPress Solutions etc and more…

These features are great and essential to convert more leads into sales. PANDA’s tools to custom websites focus on an easy search experience for your clients, but most importantly the website focuses on YOU! Being able to tell your personal story and achievements makes you the center of attention. 

So, what’s the point of all this? We as realtors need to “grow” our web presence. However, if you are trying to accomplish this via an IDX website, you won’t get the results you are seeking.

What do you do then? Can you afford to build an expensive custom website, or are you willing to pay thousands of dollars for it? me neither! Fortunately for real estate agents, IDX Realtor websites have evolved. PANDA IDX has beautiful designs that won’t look like a generic template once you edit them.

And here’s the best part – You can create a beautiful IDX realtor websites in no time without the need of a web developer or designer. You can also integrate PANDA’s IDX features to any platform, including WordPress, which many IDX websites do not offer.

Another great feature is having the ability of adding your PANDA property search on Facebook, making it all about you. The impact of having your entire network  searching for their dream home right on your personal page is priceless!

Having these amazing IDX websites that look like a $15,000 website only cost you $250 one time fee. Also monthly fee that is below the mayor IDX service providers is charged to update the IDX “every hour”, making it almost “Real time“.

Is your current IDX website not giving you the results you expect and all you get is a property search tool? then It’s time to show your potential clients the realtor you truly are. Show them why you are their best choice!

Finally, a Real Estate Website that works!!!

IDX Realtor Websites example

Realtor Websites



Have you wonder what are the best realtor websites? One of the first things sellers and prospect buyers are interested in is your website. Because this way they can learn more about you and most of all your Real Estate Services. First of all, what makes your real estate website the best?

What do you do when you meet with prospect sellers to list their property? Yes, you show them your website where you can feature their home or condo.

Have you been showing properties to a possible buyer and than they ask you: “What other properties are for sale in the same area or community?” In both cases you realize the importance of a real estate website with IDX property search capabilities.

No matter what kind of business or industry you are in these days – if you don’t have a website you won’t make it. When you introduce yourself as a real estate professional, it is important to hand a business card that has your web address on it. It simply creates trust and credibility.

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