Release v2.1.4


What’s new?

  1. We’ve increased the performance and stability of  on
  2. We’ve Improved the admin experience by adding a new notification center that return you back notifications.
  3. You can now change your email on You’ll also need to verify it.
  4. You can now share via Facebook and Twitter. We’ve fixed a bug that prevents this feature to work as it should.
  5. There’s a new option to add a secondary logo for the transparency headers. Before this release, you could only add one logo  that gets automatically converted to all white.  You’ve now both options that gives you more control on the way show you logo in your website.
  6. We are keep working hard to bring you new features such as Off market listings.
  7. We’ve fixed bugs across the Panda IDX.


Take a look!


Happy Day,

The Panda Team