The Convenience of Panda IDX

Published in May 13, 2019 by Gary Silber

The Convenience of Panda IDX

When a realtor has just joined the harsh, but exciting, real estate community, he or she will be wanting to engage with potential buyers. Most realtors will most likely sign up for major real estate websites to represent him or herself for when a viewer visits an online property listing. Nevertheless, this is not effective when a realtor is eager to build his or her own real estate empire. When a realtor is in the market for a personal real estate website, he or she might be overwhelmed with the amount of companies that offer pre-set-up websites for users to customize.

Creating a Website with Panda IDX

 When a realtor discovers the services Panda IDX offers, a realtor might be shocked or not impressed – and that’s alright. At Panda IDX, we offer realtor custom websites that allow the realtor to branded themselves as professional realtors. Our set-up process is one of the fastest on the market. When a realtor joins the Panda family, he or she will be presented with a blank website that has all the tools and options needed to integrate a realtor’s character, experience, and profession.

A realtor is given the option to have custom themes imbedded into his or her website. We offer custom logos, professional pictures, and offer multiple website layouts. Our websites are unique because a realtor can present a on or off-market listings filled with high definition images, details about the property, information on local schools, and the history of the listing. We all know that time is crucial for any business; therefore, we want to emphasize that the time it takes to fully complete a website will Panda is much quicker than other services, such as WordPress. 

User Experience from a Custom Panda IDX website

Not only do our realtors have an outstanding time creating and using their website, but so do the viewers. Panda members want realtor to understand that user accessibility is most important in our heart. We want anyone to visit a realtor’s IDX website and understand the functionality on the website.

When a potential buyer visits a realtor’s website, the viewer has the ability to quickly leave a message or directly contact the realtor about any listing. Users can clearly navigate through the website and clear witness listings in high detail. The amount of information that a realtor can insert on a property is amazing – a little too much if you ask us at Panda.

Realtors should also remember that they have the opportunity to share their website and integrate their social media account with their website. This allows realtors to advertise their business across multiple platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. This will result in having more potential buyers visiting the realtors IDX website.

We want potential members of Panda to relies that nobody wants to sit with their computer for days perfecting a custom website for your company. At Panda IDX, we provide a lighting fast method for realtors to have a custom IDX website ready as fast as possible, so realtors can grow a loyal client base.

If you are an experienced or young realtor eager to create a custom, easy, and fast real estate website with IDX integration, then visit Panda IDX right now at



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