How to Engage Post-Retirement Property Buyers

Published in Feb 26, 2019 by Gary Silber

How to Engage Post-Retirement Property Buyers

            With tens of thousands of realtors in just the United States, it seems to be difficult for a realtor to grow his or her client base. Even though the average person might believe that the senior market is not big enough to focus fully, at Panda IDX, we know that it’s just as important as any other demographic. Panda IDX gives any realtor the opportunity to engage to any potential client. Our IDX platform, along with our customizable realtor websites, allows the realtor to target post-retirement property buyers. Now, some realtor might wonder how exactly someone targets senior buyers.  Panda IDX has some techniques for a realtor to implement in his or her business to target an older generation of potential clients.

 How to get a post-retirement property buyers’ attention

            The majority of companies would agree that the best way to advertise is through social media and other popular online websites; however, when targeting older generations, this might not be as effective. It is important for realtors to take an extra step by directly contacting different living homes. This will give the realtor an opportunity for the realtor to show how easy it is for seniors to access and use the realtor personal IDX website. In doing so, this will help spread the word to the senior property buyer community about how effective the realtor and his or her website is to utilize.

            Nevertheless, we recommend that all realtors to equally engage potential client through the internet. The internet is a very powerful system when it comes to advertising. So, by advertising your brand to the audiences of whomever uses such platform, the realtor will increase his or her probability on gaining a client. Even though advertising a realtor website sounds obvious, we want to emphasize that when a viewer sees the quality of an IDX website, he or she will be amazed.

            When a realtor joins the Panda family, he or she will be presented with multiple choices in making a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious IDX website. At Panda, we focus on branding the realtor. We give high quality - real-time - market and off-market listings within the realtor’s area. Moreover, high definition images are flooded within the realtor website, so anyone can see vivid and bright pictures of properties. 

How to maintain a senior generation client base

            It is crucial to maintain your connections, especially with an older generation. In order to do this, make sure that you are constantly updating your website. For example, we areas and/or cities that you are focusing on. It is also important to keep up with any messages that your client or interested buyer has. The faster a realtor responses, the better chance of the client maintains and likes the realtor.

            When a potential buyer is interested in being his or her realtor, it’s beneficial to really get to know the person in order to maintain a connection and to have a stupendous searching and buying experience for the client. It is also helpful to frequently contact your client if there are any unspoken questions that the client is wondering about. This is also help in the process of dealing with the certain stress of finding the right property.

Importance of Branding for any demographic

            Panda IDX utilizes the most interesting and advanced – commercially based – software on the market. Realtors have the opportunity to be branded by his or her own IDX website. By showing viewers a custom website, filled with the realtor biography and high-definition images, he or she will be impressed by the functionality of the realtor website. By having a custom IDX website, this can help you, the realtor, impress any potential buyer in the market. Trust is established when viewer see the realtor's face and personal information when looking for listings - that is the power of Panda IDX.

            If you want to expand your client base demographic, come experience what Panda has to offer at,



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