Establishing a Loyal Client Base

Published in Jan 24, 2019 by Gary Silber

Establishing a Loyal Client Base


Loyalty through personal websites

In order to establish a successful career in real estate, customers have to know their realtor’s true colours. Having the ability to generate a personal website can create a vast amount of benefits. When potential clients witness that the realtor’s website contains high-resolution images of the realtor, he or she will be more convinced to build a sense of trust. Compared to other name-brand realtor websites, the realtor is presented with small widgets of their face. Giant realtor websites don’t give a realtor an opportunity to maintain a spot on a certain listing; the website just presents different recommended realtors when someone views a specific listing. There is a lack of personal customization within name-brand realtor websites. That is why it is crucial for all realtors, especially beginning individuals, to take advantage of establishing trust with potential clients through a custom website.

 Loyalty through personal information

 Another successful tool that can help initiate a well-rounded client base is by being open to your potential clients. It is necessary to share your professional story to anyone who may be interested with your business. Our personal realtor website can be fitted with your professional experience. Realtors who use our services will have the opportunity to write their experiences in great detail. Having a detail professional biography will help present ethos and logos to any potential client.

  Loyalty through an effective platform

 Having a unique and well-built IDX platform is key for any realtor. Utilizing an IDX website will support the locations you are trying to do business with. Panda’s IDX system will present updated and clear images of current listings in your desired area. Having the ability to use our IDX platform to your clients will help show the effectiveness of your website to your clients. In results, this will reduce the probability of your current clients from going to another realtor.

  Why Panda IDX will build loyal customers for realtors

At Panda IDX we can offer a tremendous opportunity for any realtor to use or platform because we believe that your real estate business can grow even more. Our concept of branding a realtor is a key factor in our business. Compared to other IDX websites, we are dedicated to serving each customer individually with great care. We want to make our customers feel like family. Moreover, our loyal employees offer multilingual customer support and social media integration, as well as off-market property listings. We want our customers to feel free to contact one of our employees at any time and ask any question about their service. With having two distinct package plans, this gives  our business more degrees of freedom when detailing our services to potential customers.

Furthermore, Panda IDX gives detail listings of seasonal rentals within the realtor’s area. This creates an advantage for our realtors to give their client’s special listings during specific times throughout the year. We want our realtors to have access to the most accurate listings within their area. That is why we constantly manage and update our IDX systems, as well as our search interface. We want to provide the simplest, but detailed, search interface for our customers. This will result in easy and quick listing results that a potential property buyer can utilize.

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