Gardening and Real Estate

Published in Jun 18, 2019 by Gary Silber

Gardening and Real Estate

In today’s modern world, realtors will probably forget about the importance of a property's front and back lawn. Most realtors might make sure that a property has a descent amount of foliage. But there is a hidden psychological difference in how the landscape is arranged and what colours are presented. Colours can influence anybody subconsciously. That is why it is important for a realtor to understand what colour foliage is presented when a realtor is showing a potential client a property.

Colours and Real Estate

 Each colour in the spectrum can manipulate a person’s mood, even if the person is unaware of the colours presented. It is crucial for realtors to understand the meaning a colours and how they influence a person’s feelings. Most individuals have gotten fast food sometime in their life; therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that fast food restaurants use bright colours, such as red and yellow. Now, some people might think that the restaurants use bright colours to attract people. However, this use of bright colours is designed for people to subconsciously feel anxious, eat fast, and leave as soon as possible. This technique is implemented so more people can come-and-go. Therefore, more profit is resulted in more purchases in a business day.

This technique of hidden colours should be implemented in the lawns of properties that are for sale. Using bright foliage such as red and yellow, is not a good idea for show potential buyers. There is a significant chance that a buyer might have an urge to leave the property and not get a sense of the true elegance of such listing.

When a property has a lawn filled with blue, purple, green, and orange flowers and foliage, it can evoke a sense of warm and safeness. Warm colours, such as the ones listed above, are crucial in helping a client understand the listing fully. At Panda IDX, we most are worried about properties that have a combination of red and yellow flowers in a front lawn setting. However, we do believe in a property having sunflowers – that’s are only exception when it comes to yellow and selling a house. That’s why it’s worth a realtor, who has a listing that has poor or bright foliage, to invest in making the properties lawn to have the three secondary colours: green, orange, and violent. 

Images, IDX, and Buyers

Once a realtor joins the Panda family, he or she will have the chance to brand him or herself. Realtors can implement custom images of themselves and customize their real estate website fully. When a realtor is listing his or her properties, either on or off market, he or she should put images of the property’s lawn. Realtors can show-off the elegant foliage and might help persuade a potential buyer even more in visiting the property.  

Like in art, colours are really important in real estate. Having a well-developed lawn with warm colours, like orange, will help a client feel more at home when visiting a listing. Make sure that the use of flowers such as marigolds, blue and purple hydrangeas, Dandelions, bellflowers and even sunflowers are implemented strategically within a listings’ lawn.

If you are a realtor eager to gain more clients and show  your gardening expertise as well, visit today.


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