How to Convert your Real Estate Website into Leads

Technology in enhancing and improving rapidly, the question is are you? Here’s how you can turn your IDX Real Estate Website into leads.

A lot of agents are used to doing things the same way they have been doing them for a long time. What they don’t realize is the fact that every year, technology changes, people change, life changes. 

With these changes, you as a real estate professional much change at the same paste or else you will simply be left behind. And we at PANDA IDX keep up with these rapid and inevitable ways to do things “technology, design, trends”.

We like to stress the fact that having a marketing and lead generation strategy is essential to a successful practice. Getting legitimate real estate leads is not easy, this is why having the necessary tools is your number one priority while choosing the right IDX Real Estate Website for you.

React JS – The Technology

This year we have implemented the latest most innovative technology there is available in the market “React JS”.

React is an open-source, platform for building any web application (including real estate). It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. What this means to you in little words is “the technology we use is not proprietary and will always be supported by the biggest players in the tech industry).

Other local companies use their own ways of coding and developing and are limited to their own potentials and capabilities.

From visitors to potential clients

Your PANDA IDX Real Estate website collects data on people who visit your site once they have register. The ways people are called to give you their information is the following:

  • After 3, 5, or 10 times that someone performs a search, they will be asked to provide their information (name, email and phone number) to keep searching for properties. You set this up in your dashboard preferences.
  • When saving properties, visitors will also be asked to register or create an account.
  • When doing a Home Valuation”. This is a powerful tool that will give your visitors the value of their home instantly except before seeing the suggested High, Low and Medium” prices, they will be asked for their personal information.
  • When visitors want to share a property, the system will require a registration as well.

Your IDX real estate website is not just a static page but an interactive application that will provide your visitors value; but in exchange, they are called to provide their information so they don’t remain anonymous to you.

Clients Reviews

As real estate professionals, you have built “trust” among your clients, friends and family you have done business with. Use these personal circle of influence to create a client testimonial database. Testimonials are the proof that you are a reliable, professional and ethical individual and validates your business. Google recognizes testimonials as one of the most important aspects for search optimization.

Your PANDA IDX Real Estate Website provides a section within your profile where you can add your client’s experience so your potential clients can feel confortable to contact you.

Share your Real Estate Website in Social Media

Targeted marketing is one of the best practices when you want to expose what you do. In this case social media is a great tool for you to share your “listings, new developments, office listings or any custom search”. Real Estate professional pay thousands of dollars to show as a search result on google “hoping” someone lands in their page among other thousands of web pages offering similar information.

PANDA IDX Websites for realtors are built to be easily “sharable”. With the click of a button you can syndicate any of the above mentioned options, this way your friends, family and past clients can see what’s going on in the market right now. Don’t be like the realtor that pays and gets nothing in return, be proactive and make that content available to any market you want to work with. Facebook, linked in and other social platforms have groups you can join to share an unlimited number of results from your IDX real estate website.

Do I need to be a seasoned real estate agent to be perceived and one?

The answer to this is “no”. You only have to have the right real estate professional tools in order to be perceived as a top real estate agent. Like we stressed in the beginning, everything changes constantly and you cannot keep up with all these changes because it would be almost impossible; what you can do however, is to know where to find all the information and make it available to your clients on the spot.

This is what PANDA IDX Real Estate Websites do, we facilitate the tools so no matter how long you have been in the business, you can become an overnight Super Star!!

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