How to Gain Millennial Buyer’s Attention in top US Cities.

Published in Jan 27, 2019 by Gary Silber

How to Gain Millennial Buyer’s Attention in top US Cities.

Millennial engagement opens a whole new market for the realtor 

            The term ‘millennial’ has been increasing popularity over the last decade. In today’s society, there are tens of thousands of young adults who have graduated college, saved money through work, or planning to move to a different location, such as a big city. There is a large occurrence of young adults buying their first large property. However, the majority of realtor’s out there have trouble in connecting with these millennial buyers. Some realtors are sticking to old fashion personal websites that aren’t attracting any young buyers in the market. At Panda IDX, we want every single realtor to have the best opportunity in engaging with millennial property buyers.

The strength of social media integration 

            Over the years, social media has become a powerful platform to influence, inform, and sell to millions of individuals. Social media integration is a key component in expanding a person’s business. That is why the people at Panda IDX provide social media integration within our IDX platform to all of our clients. When a realtor is wanting to catch the millennial market in a large city, such as Atlanta, the realtor needs to utilize multiple resources. When a realtor joins the Panda family, he or she is introduced to a plethora of resources. The realtor is able to integrate his or her Facebook page, and other social forms, within the realtor’s branded IDX website. 

            It is important for realtors to consider how the realtor should advertise to millennials. Since the majority of millennials are addicted to their cellar devices, realtors should take the opportunity in sharing their IDX website through advertising on popular social media apps. Even though some social media enthusiast use ad-blockers, or straight up completely ignores ads, it is necessary to establish an online presence to potential young buyers.   

            One method in engaging young property buyers is showing off your brand through high resolution images of the realtor’s person, business, and examples of property listings. Using pictures of elegant listings from the realtor’s IDX website would catch a young person’s eye much faster than advertising with only gaudy text. When a realtor joins Panda IDX, updating a realtor’s personal information is super quick; moreover, Panda offers custom and professional images of the realtor to be upload to his or her website. A custom Panda IDX website is always to updated for all our clients. This will result in current property listings for clients to see in high quality.

            It is convenient for members of Panda to express their brands due to our options on adding a custom professional image of the realtor, images of listings, and biography of the realtor. With this in the Panda member’s hand, it is easy for the realtor to integrate their information to the realtor's social media accounts. Also, it would be handy for the realtor to take this resource and advertise images of their brand to potential young buyers.

How to maintain the millennial engagement 

            Most people who are regularly busy want to view a website in a short time. That is why it is important to have a real estate website flooded with images of the realtor and potential property listings. It is key to communicate with pictures when dealing with a young audience. Furthermore, young viewers want a realtor who is constantly checking their online website and replying, in detail, when a potential buyer has an inquiry. The faster a realtor response, the better chance the realtor maintains and establishes the client to his or her business. It is crucial for a realtor to constantly update their social media accounts, as well as their website.           

            At Panda IDX, we provide the most up-to-date technology in IDX for realtors to use for their potential and current customers. If you are a current realtor and want to expand your horizon we highly recommend giving Panda IDX a try. The concept of branding a realtor’s business should be expressed into the millennial buyer market. When a young audience views a realtor that is branding him or herself, this generates a level of ethos that a young individual would be interested in. Properly establishing a strong and effective online presence with ultimately gain a young buyer’s attention. 

            If you are a realtor, and want to attract a young market to your branded IDX website, come join the Panda Family now at


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