How to Generate International Real Estate Leads

Would you like to expand your real estate sales and work with international buyers? Here are some ways you can achieve this and generate more sales.

There is the misconception that you have to be a seasoned real estate professional in order to generate international real estate sales. In today’s modern world, you don’t need to know a thing to become a successful real estate professional. All you need to have is the right tools and know where to find the information that educated buyers are looking for. 

International buyers need guidance, especially if they are looking to invest in real estate (Primary or secondary homes) from their country of origin. First of all, it is important to understand that if you don’t have a great online presence (Personal real estate website, Social Media networks, etc) this may become a challenging task for you to generate any type of leads. 

Become certified as an International Property Specialist.

Marketing to international buyers is a niche most agents do not explore as much as targeting local buyers. People are moving everyday to Miami and all over South Florida from these top foreign buyer countries: “Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, China etc”. 

Becoming part of CIPS will grow and enhance not only your knowledge but also would give you extra tools to become and international sales associate.

Use your Circle of Influence

If you are native to any of the top foreign buyer countries, you need to start connecting to your friends and family that live in those countries. These connections can start you as an International Sales Agent and catapult your business in ways you cannot imagine. However; if you are not a native or familiar with people from the places you would like to market, I suggest you still go for it. 

Someone really smart once said “if there’s a will, there is a way”. Sometimes we don’t need to be from a specific country or area to market to their real estate needs, we simply need to connect with people from those places. For example, if you have a friend that lives in Canada or Mexico – call them! Let them know that you are starting a campaign to sell condos and homes in their county. Share in social media groups of those places; but if you really want to take this to the next level “call brokerages and agents from these places”. 

Create a Team

Have you heard the expression “two heads think better than one”?. 

Everyone wants to sell Miami so establishing business relations with people outside of Miami is the best way to create an international network. Find the real estate experts in other countries and become their friend. Commissions in the U.S. are much larger than in the countries that are buying real estate in Miami so rest assured that everyone you contact will want to partner with you. At the end it’s all about selling.

Other professionals you want to consider reaching out are (layers, accountants, people in the government or just about anyone that can either be a potential buyer or direct you to them).

Attend or Offer Zoom Events

Business transactions are not handled the same as before. For this reason, we suggest you get with the way people are connecting today (Zoom, Google Meet, etc). 

Whether you are an expert or not on the local market, you can still present the Newest Developments in MiamiSales and rents in different cities in South Florida etc. Like I said before, knowledge today is not important, what’s important is to have the tools of where to find the information on the sport. 

Join International Professional Associations

If you want to market to international buyers, consider joining one of the numerous professional associations in Miami and South Florida. These associations and groups are there to support you and your business and their focus is an area you may want to target and market. The members and board of directors can connect you directly to other professionals you can connect with right in their country, only because you’re a member of the association.

Additional wisdom “the biggest downfall as an agent is to try to sell to international buyers and forget about the local market”. Becoming an international sales associate doesn’t mean to stop your regular business in your local market. Expand your business by tapping into areas you haven’t before but always take care of your circle of friends and farming areas. 

It is a great feeling to sell a new condo to a buyer from another country but always remember that there will be a time when your neighbor will want to sell; or your friends want to buy or rent a new place. 

Building a global network is an extension of your local market not a place to start.

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