How to Work Like a Luxury Realtor

Published in Mar 6, 2019 by Gary Silber

How to Work Like a Luxury Realtor

The majority of realtors in the United States are always focused on making sure they are presenting a listing within their client’s budget. However, for realtors dealing with high-end customers, the realtor’s freedom to express a property is extended. When working with high income property buyers, these individuals are expecting a world class realtor with mind-boggling technology at his or her disposal. When a realtor has a custom IDX in their inventory, he or she will be able to present high quality off-market and market listings to any potential client.


Panda Provides a Luxury Website for Luxury Realtors

 When a high-class-income individual is interested in being a realtor’s client, he or she is mostly likely wanting to be presented with a detailed website of the realtor. When a realtor joins the Panda family, the realtor will be given the opportunity to present his or her listing with outstanding images and real time information about the property. The realtor can also show off to the client the best listing with Panda’s IDX integration.


A realtor can focus his or her website will only high-value listings. This will show potential clients how determined the realtor is when doing business with high-income buyers. When a realtor provides high definition videos and images of multi-million-dollar offerings, the client with more likely stay with the realtor who has Panda than any other realtor’s website.

How to maintain high-income clients

 When it comes to high-class individuals, they tend to have a complex schedule. These clients are expecting to be provided with all the resources and information with no delay. Panda recommend realtor to plan ahead when trying to conduct business their high-listing buyers. Perform research about all expensive listings within the realtor’s area. Panda’s IDX solutions gives the realtors every listing they can imagine, this makes the amount of high-end property listings increase when the IDX system has already searched every single listing.


A realtor with a custom website from Panda can also engage with high-end customers through our social media integration. It is crucial for realtors to maintain their engagement in social media - especially through advertising. Follow, comment, and share information through social platforms, such as Facebook, to potential high-end buyers. This will increase the probability of such individual in discovering your business and amazing IDX website.

Why Panda IDX is the Best for Luxury Realtors

Panda IDX is updated in real-time to provide all of its family members - realtors – the best real-to-date listings. Panda allows its realtors to insert their entire website with images of all their best and fanciest listings. At Panda we provide, a custom branding personality to each individual’s website. We can provide custom logos, images, and designs unique to each realtor. We want out realtors to feel confident when working with the wealthiest of property buyers.


When a high-market buyer is looking for a realtor, he or she mostly likely to would not want to use other real estate websites because the suggested realtor is per property and randomized. There is a lack of connection between the client and the realtor with common real estate websites. When a high-class-income buyer is looking for a realtor, he or she would mostly likely trust and use a realtor who has a branded website detailed with high quality listings.



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