IDX Integration

Published in Oct 10, 2018 by Miguel Angel Peralta

IDX Integration

Internet Data Extraction Step by Step

IDX integration is one of the hardest things to code and manipulate, therefore not many developers understand the complexity of it. Once the database is integrated on a real estate website, (or as a stand-alone application), we get as a result a beautiful real estate tool while having fun searching for properties.

IDX is an acronym that stands for Internet Data Extraction. The IDX process means to extract the listings form your MLS board as raw data and display it in any way you like. The database integration needs to be accompanied by a great designed, consequently giving your visitors a good user experience.

The IDX integration can be managed and display in many different ways and there’s no limit to what you can do. Make sure you have the right team by your side like CREW MIAMI. They are experts in web design and IDX integration because they know IDX technology like no one in FL.

The geniuses at PANDA can display the IDX integration as a stand-alone application like this: As you can tell in the example, the IDX application even has the look and feel of a real estate website. The purpose of IDX integration is to showcase real estate listings in a user friendly way for your prospect clients. Your visitors should be able to do a property search just the way you do it as a realtor. Hence making them feel that they are participating in their own buying process.

IDX Integration and Pricing

Companies price IDX integration differently and it depends on your personal needs and wants. There are many IDX solutions out there. Every solution offers their predesign templates and IDX plugins, but to determine which one is right for you, you have to research different ones to find the one that closer to what you are looking for.

PANDA IDX integration is a great application that showcases the MLS listings in a beautiful design. Our unique IDX makes the property search easy and fun. But most importantly, you’ll find thousands or amazing deals in almost real time. Our IDX integration is 100% accurate and we take pride on updating the MLS listings every two hours.

MLS listings can be display in several ways. The developers at PANDA IDX can customize the integration with your suggestions as long as they are innovative ideas. We have accomplished a unique manner to also do our IDX integration as a stand-alone application. Realtors no longer have to pay thousands of dollars for a real estate websites. We can now install a turnkey real estate website and brand it for you in minutes.

Finally, I must say that we as a company, are raising the bar in real estate technology as a result of listening to what the agents’ want and need. Realtors are ready to step up their game and we can proudly say that we can provide a real tool especially relevant to their practice.

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