IDX Realtor Websites

Published in Oct 10, 2018 by Miguel Angel Peralta

IDX Realtor Websites

Websites for Realtors that focus on your story

Choosing IDX Realtor Websites is not an easy task. There are hundreds of IDX providers out there that focus their efforts on creating a standard IDX system that fits all real estate markets. Instead these companies should focus their efforts on what’s most important “YOU”.

The “IDX – Internet Data Extraction” real estate web industry keeps growing constantly making it more difficult to choose a company you can “trust”. As a real estate professional, it is important to be aware of the difference between an IDX service provider, and a company that cares for ” you”and wants to add value to your business.

Real estate agents want to create a memorable online presence at the lowest cost. Unfortunately “unless you’re an expert”, you are at the mercy of web developers and designers. Many agents pay for expensive IDX websites-services and still don’t achieve the results they expect”myself included”. I recently ran into PANDA, what I call “A no evil IDX provider”. PANDA IDX provides turn key Websites for realtors. They have been evolving over the past few years, and have launched their lates product “PANDA Web App”. IDX Realtor Websites features:

  • Professional looking website with IDX search integrated
  • A great variety of tools to showcase your personal and office listings
  • Off market listing section
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Your own URL
  • Custom search pages
  • WordPress Solutions etc and more…

These features are great and essential to convert more leads into sales. PANDA’s tools to custom websites focus on an easy search experience for your clients, but most importantly the website focuses on YOU! Being able to tell your personal story and achievements makes you the center of attention.

So, what’s the point of all this? We as realtors need to “grow” our web presence. However, if you are trying to accomplish this via an IDX website, you won’t get the results you are seeking.

What do you do then? Can you afford to build an expensive custom website, or are you willing to pay thousands of dollars for it? me neither! Fortunately for real estate agents, IDX Realtor websites have evolved. PANDA IDX has beautiful designs that won’t look like a generic template once you edit them.

And here’s the best part – You can create a beautiful IDX realtor websites in no time without the need of a web developer or designer. You can also integrate PANDA’s IDX features to any platform, including WordPress, which many IDX websites do not offer.

Another great feature is having the ability of adding your PANDA property search on Facebook, making it all about you. The impact of having your entire network searching for their dream home right on your personal page is priceless!

Having these amazing IDX websites that look like a $15,000 website only cost you $250 one time fee. Also monthly fee that is below the mayor IDX service providers is charged to update the IDX “every two hours”, making it almost “Real time“.

Is your current IDX website not giving you the results you expect and all you get is a property search tool? then It’s time to show your potential clients the realtor you truly are. Show them why you are their best choice!

Finally, a Real Estate Website that works!!!

Realtor Website Example

Patricia Delinois Website

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