Hidden Logistical insights for Realtors and Young Buyers

Published in Jun 3, 2019 by Gary Silber

Hidden Logistical insights for Realtors and Young Buyers

When a realtor is eager for more young clients, he or she will be willing to show any property that fits the buyer’s interests. However, a realtor should be stricter in the location aspect when showing listings for young buyers. When a young buyer or new couple are planning on starting a life together, buying a home or apartment is the right step. If the buyer(s) are moving to a new city, then is it crucial to consider that logistics of the buyer’s work location and listings locations.

The Commute Conundrum 

When a hip and cool buyer contacts a realtor about him or her moving to a new location and is asking for listings that pique the client’s needs, a realtor should also ask the location of the client’s workspace. Now, this might seem a little too much information; nevertheless, it is important in the decision process.  When a realtor knows the location of the client’s workspace, a simple realtor might immediately think to find listings as close as possible while maintaining the client’s house specifications.

This might lead to some problems in the long run. For example, when a realtor shows listings that are as close as possible to the client’s workspace, there might a higher listing price compared to a listing somewhere more suburban. Financial complications can potentially arise for a buyer(s) who have purchased a listing close to work with the realtor’s assistance.

A realtor should consider the variables of more listings that are further away from the client’s workspace in order to save money for the clients in the long run. If a realtor shows a client listing that are over 30 minutes away, to a more quitter location, then the client will have less expenses on the overall price of the listings, maintenance, and other costs.

Compared to a realtor closing a deal with a client(s) who house is very close to the client’s workspace, the client will have still dealt with a higher initial cost and many higher fees in the future. The example is critical for when a client has his or her job in a large city, like Atlanta, and is questioning whether it is worth it to live close or commuting far. At Panda IDX, we blieve it is always best to commute. 

How a Realtor with an IDX Website can Help

When a realtor joins Panda, he or she will have access to a fully custom IDX website that he or she can utilize at full discretion. Our custom website allows the realtor to brand him or herself. This makes it easier for realtors to show their business to the world. At Panda IDX, we want realtors to feel that they can find the best property for any type of client.

Our custom IDX websites allows realtors to gather off-market or on-market listings that are within a certain radi of the client’s workspace. This allows the realtor to present detailed listings that are at an optimal distance – economically speaking. Realtors will have a more efficient business while using their branded IDX website to promote logistical listings to any type of client.

If you are a realtor and want to help clients in the long run, visit www.PandaIDX.com


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