How to Make Most of Your Real Estate Business

Published in Mar 24, 2019 by Gary Silber

How to Make Most of Your Real Estate Business

When it comes to real estate, optimization is key. Understanding how to control your time is best when wanting a successful business. The more clients that are developed, secured, and maintained throughout a business week results in a stellar business. This sounds obvious; however, many realtors are still struggling with securement of loyal clients.

There are various mediums that a realtor can take advantage to support his or her business. Nevertheless, there still is a lot of chaos provoked when trying to maintain many online real estate platforms. At Panda IDX, we don’t like wasting anyone’s time. That is why our team as developed a rather sophisticated platform that any realtor can implement in his or her business. We offer a high-class IDX system imbedded with a custom realtor website. This allows any realtor to brand him or herself as an esteemed real estate agent that any client can trust.



Panda IDX Helps Optimize Your Real Estate Business

When a realtor joins the Panda family, he or she is offered a creative tool to help make his or her business genuine and unique. Our IDX platform allows realtors to show real-time market and off-market listings at their figure tips to any potential client. Combined with a realtor custom-branded website, a real estate agent will clearly show ethos and pathos intertwined with in his or her business.


With social media integration, there is no better source to advertise listings for potential clients. A realtor has the capability to show-off his or her website to social media users, such as Facebook, to increase the realtor’s website activity. Along with the social media implementation, our realtors have the opportunity to have a custom biography and brand in their website. Panda offers custom photo editing of the realtor along with hand selected backgrounds and themes to match the realtor’s character.



Time Management and Panda IDX

Total work optimization is a dream for any working individual. The members at Panda believe that we have a helpful tool for any realtor to implement. Having a Panda website helps reduce the stress of finding and working with clients. Our custom websites allow the realtor to work first-hand with the realtor and give high-quality information and images of listings that match a client’s needs within seconds.


A custom Panda website provides a strong bridge for a client and the realtor. A Panda website helps any potential client view and understand the realtor’s listings. This allows the client to feel happier and safe when choosing a property. Having a vivid and branded website allows the realtor to quickly determine listings and have the realtor shown clients properties.


Having a detailed biography for client to read can also increases the time it takes from introduction to closure of an amazing property sale. When an individual is viewing a realtor’s Panda website, he or she will feel more confident in perusing business with the realtor because there is a sense of understanding established when a realtor shares his or her professional story. This increases the realtor’s credibility in which results in faster client acquisition.


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