Maximizing the Real Estate Market

Published in May 7, 2019 by Gary Silber

Maximizing the Real Estate Market


When living in the United States, especially metropolitans, there are can a great demand for a realtor. However, some realtors might disagree with this statement because some realtors are still struggling with finding enough clients. When realtor is living in a big city, such as Atlanta, there is an overwhelming sensation when the realtor is attempting to grow his or her business. There are so many mediums to push and challenges to face when realtor is looking for clients.  Even hard-working and cut-throat realtors still face tragedy whilst running his or her business. Most realtors forget to realize that they will succeed even more with the help of technology.

The Power of Branding a Realtor

 When a realtor is eager to capture the attention of the thousands of individuals whom are looking for a property, the realtor will be throwing him or herself into the realm of real estate websites. Now, this might be a good step in expanding your client base; however, this is truly limiting your business potential and credibility. When a realtor offers his or her service to a giant real estate website that shows listings to viewers, there is a list of example realtors that can help. But the realtors presented on that single listing is presented randomly each time someone views that one listing. This creates a problem for the realtor because this does not create a way for a realtor to show-off his or her business. There is no branding created when a realtor puts him or herself on popular real estate websites.

At Panda IDX, we are here to show realtors that branding a real estate business is quite easy. When a realtor joins the Panda family, he or she will be presented with a powerful IDX system imbedded into their custom website. Realtors are able to establish their business within their website with full customization. Realtors are able to create logos, themes, custom layouts, a biography, and show off and on-market listings. This establishes a branded website for the realtor to take control and attract potential clients.

Having a custom IDX website allows any realtor to show viewers the success and professionality of his or her real estate business. Viewers are able to see current listings - in high quality - with detailed information about the property. Viewers are able to quickly get in contact with the realtor in about any inquiries about a current listing. This makes it easy for a realtor to create a loyal client base

How to Optimize Your Real Estate Business

Once a realtor has created his or her own custom website, this allows the realtor to start integrating his or her own social media accounts. This allows a realtor to advertise his or her website with followers of the realtor, as well as individuals on the social media platform. Website owners are able to personally interact through their website to make sure that every client is finding the best property possible.

Keeping up-to-date on your custom website will also help maintain and grow the realtor’s client base. Clients will feel prioritized when a realtor is able to respond or get in contact with a client quickly.  Another by-product of having a personal website is that it makes it easy for the realtor to inform a potential client more about the realtor’s business through a link personally or electronically. At Panda IDX, we want realtors to feel confident about sharing his or her own branded website to the world. We want our realtors to feel like they can grow exponentially.  

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