Mirroring your real estate profession with a professional website

Published in Feb 21, 2019 by Gary Silber

Mirroring your real estate profession with a professional website

The ever-changing real estate market can easily confuse new realtors, or even seasoned realtors, and cause them to be reactive rather than proactive. Sometimes, the myriads of details in just the marketing alignment with current real estate markets change - soonest such alignment occurs. Having a branded IDX real estate website is just one way of being proactive, and with consistency to weather the changes of the markets.

But there is another important step that a realtor will need to decide: creating your personal real estate brand. For example, what are your unique qualities and your values? Is your true image a reflection of what you have to offer the buyer, the seller?


Its not just a matter of coming up with a color scheme or logo, but rather it’s an opportunity to convey a sense of your strengths. Creating a brand can show potential clients what you can offer.


Find your values

First time realtors or seasoned realtors need to think about what being in this profession means to you and why you want to help people. When looking into this one must dig deeper who is your ultimate client, how will you specifically help them, and what will you do different from the next realtor.


Find your niche

What do you have to offer? Perhaps there is a value added compliment like you have business experience and that can translate into better negotiations towards the best real estate transaction. Or, you have marketing experience on a certain demographic location or age group you plan to work with. Maybe you have tech skills that will come in nicely for reaching the new home buyer generation of millennials. You are unique; you just have to figure what that is and how best that will serve the real estate community.


Find your personal brand

A real estate biography is an excellent way to figure out the right words to describe an individual. It may not be easy at first, but ask your friends and family what words they would use to describe you. Next create a symbol or a logo which best represents that image, that brand. Brand visualization will bring life to your brand through logos, images, and other marketing ideas much like Panda IDX can do for you.


Some other ways to determine your brand is to write down three to four qualities that differentiate you form from other real estate agents. Mirror yourself up with these qualities to determine if your commitment to these qualities is real and something that’s easy for you to be. Moreover, can you be these qualities on a consistent basis today, and next week. Keep in mind these qualities should be something you are proud of because they will eventually make you successful in the real estate market as a realtor.

At Panda IDX, adding a real estate bio, a real estate logo, or a real estate image is fast, fun and easy to do, usually in minutes. You have control of making changes and tweaking them to find the best version of you, without the ongoing necessity to pay every time a change is needed.  You too can reflect the values you have determined are important to you and how best to speak to your target audience.



Visit www.Pandaidx.com today and create your destiny.



 Image credit: https://www.desertx.org/doug-aitken


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