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Miami is an ever evolving market that continues to change based on the demand for inventory. Residential sales will continue to go through ups and downs, but the real estate industry will remain as the main source of revenue for Miami. The Miami market trends still continue to shape the future of South Florida.

The commercial real estate industry is also moving in directions no one saw coming 10 years ago. Major tech companies, financial institutions and international corporations are making Miami their main hub for operations and development.

Today, most commercial real estate agents are not listing their inventory in the MLS system. Agents rather keep them as “off market listings” for several reasons such as: capturing the buyer, keep the negotiation simple and with less parties involved, but most importantly to make bigger commissions.

Why “Off Market Listings” as a listing tool.

Our exclusive “Off Market Listings” gives our members the ability to upload their properties in a simple and easy way. The members will be able to showcase their listings and allow their visitors to view them with a password-protected code. The realtor will provide access to their prospects to visit the “Off Market Listings” page and make sure the info is always secure.

In addition, the “Off Market Listings” offer the ability to print the property description on a PDF format. This format will allow the client to view the details in well design an organize template. Our members will also be able to share their “Off Market Listings” on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, the “Off Market Listings” will be available in different languages like Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. The latest language we have added is Chinese since it is a new emerging market in Miami.

Finally, the off market listings will give our members and advantage in the industry. Agents will be able to show their clients their ability to display the properties in a secure environment. Online presence will continue to be the most powerful real estate tool for agents. PANDA IDX is committed to provide the tools for realtors to make their practice more productive and effective.

The “Off Market Listings” section will be released on February 1st, 2017 and a release email will be sent to all PANDA IDX members.

For more information and screen shots to preview the “Off Market Listings” functionality, please send us an email to

We look forward to your feedback and recommendations.


Miguel Peralta

Founder & Sales Director.

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