Real Estate as a Full-Time Job

Published in May 21, 2019 by Gary Silber

Real Estate as a Full-Time Job

For some individuals who have experience in purchasing multiple properties throughout his or her life, one might consider getting a real estate license themselves and personally purchasing his or her own property. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are approximately 1.362345 million members who are active realtors. Now given that about 5.995456 million properties are sold within the United States, this yields about a couple sales per realtor each year. This number does not seem promising; nonetheless, how are thousands of realtors able to have a stable income in this business. Well, the answer comes down to how much networking a realtor has access to.

The Power of a Custom IDX Website

The average salary of a real estate agent is near the U.S. national average salary. In other words, the majority of realtors are able to have a pretty stable life living off this career. However, some realtors are struggling in growing their business and making more money. At Panda IDX, we believe that our platform will help give an extra boost for realtors in need of a better salary. Our Company offers a fully-custom IDX realtor website that can be designed to fit any realtor’s needs.

Networking is important for any business individual to gather more clients. When a realtor has access to his or her own personal website, he or she can utilize tools and techniques to grow as a realtor. A realtor can advertise directly to potential buyers about their custom website. This allows any interested buyer to visit the realtor’s Panda website and witness the easy and detailed mechanics of researching, and later, buying a property.

Our website allows users to input a custom logo for each realtor; this results in the realtor to brand him or herself. When a viewer is looking at a realtor’s Panda website, he or she will have access to search off or on-market listings in great detail. Realtors are provided with high definition images of the property that the realtor can customize to how a viewer can see the image within the listing. This results in the viewer actually understanding and learning all the information about the property. This can increase the probability of the viewer conducting business with the realtor. 

Turning Connections into Loyal Clients

After a realtor has established a branded website with Panda, a realtor will have a higher level of professionalism compared to realtors who are just using popular real estate websites to get any potential buyer’s attention. A sense of loyalty is created for the realtor and his or her buyers. A realtor can maintain these connections through his or her website. A (potential) client can easily contact the realtor and the realtor can quickly respond to any inquire through the website. A potential buyer will enjoy the convenience of communicating with the realtor frequently.

Realtors can also integrate their social media accounts within their custom website. This allows the realtor to branch out even further by advertising their website, like their own business, to individuals. Potential buyers will see that the realtor who is advertising his or her own website will feel for comfortable and confident in pursuing business.

If you are a realtor who would like to make more sales to secure a stable income, then adding Panda IDX to your toolbelt will help secure a stable salary. Visit your future at

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