Why Realtors Should Expand Their Technological Footprint

Published in Jan 16, 2019 by Gary Silber

 Why Realtors Should Expand Their Technological Footprint


Why Relators should Expand Their Technological Footprint

In today’s modern world, the internet is so ubiquitous that most individuals will claim they can’t live without it. As with thousands of careers, technology supports jobs in almost every aspect. When it comes to the real estate community however, some realtors have trouble establishing a client base even with their profiles on their name-branded real estate websites. What's missing? This is why it is crucial for realtors to be more open in experimenting with new technology. When realtors are browsing the internet for more mediums to brand themselves, they should not be so close minded in trying out something new. Realtors should think that paying for a new service is an opportunity for success more than thinking it will be a waste of time or money.

IDX and Brand Identity

The concept of branding a realtor and providing him or her with a professional website is a key inventory item that all realtors must have. Having a custom website were potential clients can establish a trust with the realtor is very powerful. Mainly focusing on personally building clients and not having a professional real estate website isn’t effective if you want to have constant success. At first, the average real estate buyer is mostly concerned with finding the right property, not necessarily finding the right realtor. However, when a realtor can share with their client access to his or her own custom site with the state-of-the-art IDX technology, they establish a name-brand and trust for themselves.

Real Estate Website with IDX Technology

A well thought out real estate website assist clients in remembering and trusting the realtor. Clients will now know they can contact and come back to their realtor website, and feel safe when finding their next property. Their clients will also have an easier and more effective opportunity in sharing their realtor website with their friends and family. With Panda IDX, we added a technological feature of IDX within your website. Many other features, for example writing articles about your brand, will also help the realtors business model in growing within their communities.

IDX Technology Demonstrates Search Experience

At Panda IDX, we believe that all realtors should use as much technology as they can to improve their clients relationships. Joining the Panda family will give any realtor a great leap in establishing a secure and loyal client base while increasing his or her horizon in the business. Panda IDX offers a true and custom website that allows any realtor to share themselves to all potential buyers. By showing potential clients your picture, expertise, past results, they will be persuaded in having you be his or her realtor for life. Clients will also be happy with our easy to navigate property list interface in which anyone can see clear detials of a property listing.

First Impressions Are Everything

The concept of opening every realtor’s horizon is important for us at Panda. Panda IDX generates high quality resources for realtors to take advantage and show-off with potential clients, after all first impressions is everything. Panda will help give the best listings for their clients with our IDX technology. We want all realtors to feel that they made the right decision in using our platform. Join today in using our technology to brand your future in real estate.

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