Real Estate’s Top Technologies in 2022

Impactful emerging technologies that are changing the game

What is the future of real estate technology?

Real estate took a different direction after the pandemic, so real estate technology will continue to transform.

A real estate technology survey by NAR examined members' tech usage and found that the top tools over the past 12 months were:

  • eSignature (78%)
  • IDX Applications/technology (64%)
  • Social Media (53%)
  • LockBoxes (48%)
  • Video Conferencing (39%)

Very few brokers provide all these tools to their agents; only about 27% of respondents strongly agreed that their brokerage offers them all these tools to be successful. 

But what happens when your broker does not supply technology? According to reports, realtors are willing to pay for tools that add to their business, especially if they see value.

  • 36% of realtors spend from $50 to $250 per month on technology to use in their business
  • 18% spend from $250 to $500 a month
  • $23% spend over $500 a month on technology.

When asked about the type of technology, lead generation topped the list.

Social Media for Real Estate

Realtors use social platforms as their primary way of promoting themselves. The top social networks used by real estate professionals are:

The top reasons realtors use social media include the following:

  • They expect to have more online presence (54%)
  • Maintain connection with existing clients (49%)
  • Promote their listings (49%)
  • Find new prospective clients (36%)
  • Network with other realtors (33%)

As you see, lead generation is the top reason for realtors to have a social media presence. Here are the top three lead generation real estate technology tools that produce the highest quality leads.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • CRM
  • IDX Website for Realtors

Realtors are looking for practical lead-generation tools that can enhance their business.

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