Realtors and Homes for Sale: How to bridge the gap

Published in Oct 11, 2018 by Gary Silber

Realtors and Homes for Sale: How to bridge the gap

How the Realtor to Client Disconnects

Now you have the client, now you don’t. In a very rapid change of technology, we sometimes become victims of our own creations. As PANDA’s “think tank” explains, “ Real Estate websites can loose the alignment and communication required between Realtors and Homes for Sale”. 

During the design process (as well content process) of creating a professional branded Realtors website, the translation and meaning of this technological ‘business card’ can actually work against the true nature intended. If you look around, what’s common is everyone is using his or her cell phones and laptops in ways that drift us apart as easy as it can bring us together. The way we interact and converse with others (namely; buyers who look for Homes for Sale) is slowly becoming a lost art and a dis-service to home buyers everywhere.


How Integrity Diminishes

Recently, the PANDA team reviewed the Homes for Sale on the infamous and un-updated Zillow’s site. Soon thereafter (within seconds) our emails had unsolicited broadcast of Homes for Sale within the zip code ranges initially inquired upon. Not only was this annoying and bothersome, the actual time it took to unsubscribed was distracting and irritating. Since when are sales so impersonal?

Now, before you answer that, there is a good chance you will also start to get unsolicited phone calls (and, or text) from Realtors unknown to you. Moreover, a keen sense of continuing with any kind of conversation diminishes the longer you’re on the phone. Effective? Not hardly. The integrity between Realtor and buyers of Homes for Sale is like a sand storm of dust particles. There is no glue to hold together your client from jumping onto the next prettiest or handsomest Realtors thumb nail image.


How Integrity Reconnects

We define this unique problem in solvable and meaningful ways. By way of brief introduction, we are proud and delighted to introduce

Finally, a new revolutionary way of doing business. A new unique way to bridge the gap between Realtors and buyers of Homes for Sale. You, as a Realtor, can now embrace and embody an authentically branded relationship with your client. You can share your website directly, engage in real conversations, and be the face (the brand) on every Home for Sale listed within your MLS board – updated every 2 hours. Your clients will not only love it but also will they will feel all their considerations and all their needs and wants are engaging and totally inviting. 


How To Bridge the Gap

PANDA’s unique Real Estate Website offers a variety of Real Estate tools such as a comprehensive Property Search, Office Listings, New Projects, Off-market Listings, Residential Rentals, just to name a few. Aside from the quality professional images and rich content, you have your own “dashboard” in which to create and differentiate your unique identity and brand. 

The beauty of PANDA’s technology is when you sign up - immediately your Realtor presence elevates to a new level of communication, a new level of eloquence, and a new level of discovery that todays Home Buyers deserve and welcome.


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