Sticking with Real Estate

Published in Jun 10, 2019 by Gary Silber

Sticking with Real Estate

Most people struggle with commitment. This comes to no surprise because most people struggle with their own businesses. Most individuals don’t realize the amount of work needed to be successful – and to make money.  If any individual approaches a young realtor and asks how tough the market is, of course the realtor is going to complain about the difficulties. Most young individuals who are pursing real estate for the sake on starting his or her own ‘business’ will not reach the pinnacle of his or her dreams.

The Reality of the Real Estate Business 

If you are a young individual who does not know what exactly your calling is in life, then that is perfectly fine. But, in all seriousness, who really wants to aspire to be a realtor when you are a child. At Panda IDX, we believe that if you are a realtor who is in the business for the money, then we believe that you should consider a different career choice. It is crucial to consider that a true realtor wants to help individuals, couples, and families find the perfect property that they can call home. Finding a home, instead of house, should be the reason that a person should consider real estate.

To be a successful realtor, one must wake up every morning and imagine that he or she will help clients find the best home – no matter who they are and what they want. Taking advantage of other people for the gain of one's business is not right. Only tools should be taken advantage of, like our custom IDX websites.

Advantages for Realtors

At Panda IDX, we believe that having a genuine, but assertive, mind-set is key in being successful. One method in being a successful realtor is branding. At Panda, we offer custom IDX websites that allows any realtor to brand his or her business in a lavish manner. This tool allows realtors to expand his or her horizon. It is important for realtors, especially older lads, to considers technology as their go-to medium for gaining more clients. 

Our IDX services are like no other. When a realtor joins the Panda family, he or she is given the opportunity to fully customize their own real estate website. The realtor is able to have custom logos and images created for his or her website, such as a custom background image theme. Realtors are able to insert high quality images of various off and on-market listings. Realtors are also able to integrate their own business within their IDX website and connect their social media accounts to their website. This allows realtors to quickly advertise their professional site to their followers and seeking buyers.

Finding the right client determines whether or not the realtor will make a stellar sell; therefore, first impressions mean everything. When a potential buyer is viewing a realtor’s Panda website, he or she will develop a sense of trust because of the level of professional that the website has presented.  

Gaining more clients and having a stable real estate business is the ideal realtor's dream. However, most don’t work hard enough for that dream. If you are a realtor who actually works efficiently, tactically, and intelligently, then Panda IDX is the perfect tool for you. Join Panda IDX today, at


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