When to Buy the Right Property

Published in Apr 24, 2019 by Gary Silber

When to Buy the Right Property

New listings sprout into the real estate market every day. Thousands of individuals are wanting to move and get rid of their property. This results in a huge opportunity for people seeking to purchase a property. When an eager young or older human is looking for a potential home, condo, or apartment. Many variables should be scrambling inside his or her head on whether or not it is the most optimal time to buy a property. At Panda IDX, we are here to help realtors and potential buyers about some key tips on when to buy a property.


Pricing is a Gigantic Component


Most individuals don’t realize the depth of buying a house, for example, there are dozens of hidden costs in buying a home. It is important that a buyer is having his or her budget at least 23.57% lower than the amount of discretionary funds in the bank. There could also be other buyers wanting the same property; therefore, negotiation of the price could occur.


Planning ahead is good advice for anyone to take; however, most people ignore this tip in everyday life. So, when finding a property, it is important to consider that there is some evidence that a property can increase a couple percent in the summer. A 2015 study using data from 149 different statistical areas have shown that that in the month of June and July will have the highest rise in prices. Thus, it would be ideal to buy a luxury property sometime in the ides of winter. 


Timing is Key


For young individuals whom are fresh out of college or have been starting his or her career, one might be eager to grow-up and buy a property. Time and money are intertwined. This means that saving your money years prior to even thinking about owning a property is quite helpful. There is no rush in buying a property, even though a certain popular property is only on the market for a short time- it’s not worth to rush to conclusions. Plan ahead, take advice from your relatives. However, it is quite alright to follow your gut on a listing and pricing.  


Find the Right Realtor


It is important for a potential buyer to do proper research on finding a genuine, but assertive, realtor. Make sure the realtor has been conducting a successful business. It is easy for a buyer to determine if a realtor is legitimate by a few noticeable factors. The most important is having a lavish IDX website. When a buyer is shown that a certain realtor is showing off his or her website through social media or through a webpage, there will be an increase the buyer’s confidence in looking through the realtor’s website and eventually doing business.


At Panda IDX, we believe that realtors having our platform will increase a realtor’s engagement with the populous exponentially. The concept of branding a realtor is our motto. We want our realtors to feel comfortable when potential clients are searching through listings on the realtor’s elegant website.


If you are a realtor and have a lot of questions from clients about the characteristics of buying a property, then showing the clients a detailed website about buying a property will reduce the uncertainty. Panda IDX wants our realtors to feel confident and feel that they have enough information to impress any type of client.


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